Finding it difficult to find that dream career? Let alone know what it is your actually good at? All About Careers may be the answer…

It’s tricky to decide what you want to do after school or university. Your dreams of being an astronaut or a vet have become long distant memories, and with your parents nagging you about the next steps in your life, how on earth do you know what you want to do, without knowing what it is, that you could be doing?

Confusing right? So this is where All About Careers can help you find out what your next possible career might be.

It is an “essential springboard into the job market for students, graduates and school leavers.”

This site not only advertises job roles, but also explores what you could do, with what you’ve brought to the table.

So no matter where you’ve come from, or at whatever level you’re at, there is something for everyone. It could be a graduate scheme, internship, or just a bit of work experience to test out the waters.

Open-mindedness is key here though, it may not give you the answers you want to hear but highlight something you thought, you never could have dreamed of being.

What makes this site so unique is that, you can take a careers test, just fill in a few details, and the test begins simple as that.

It’s comprised of situational comprehensive questioning, so basically ‘what would you do’ scenarios. Just to establish who you are, and how you work. So no pressure, there are no right or wrong answers, so don’t worry and be you.

So 20-minute long test will show you, your strengths and weaknesses so try and not to be a closed book, as it summarizes what sectors of careers are best suited to your personality, and work ethic.

The results will show you a number of job sectors from retail, all the way up to finance and legal, and compare your results to the daily grind within sectors of which suits you best.

If your happy with your results or want to explore sectors that you like, but need a little self improvement, then your done there and can continue next on to your job search and research.

Now firstly, this doesn’t contain every role or job in the world, so the results are very structured, but by no means concrete so beware.

When you’ve finally decided on where your path is going, then all is left is just to explore it. Most sectors have specialized sub-pages directing you to more in-depth knowledge, and even breaking down the path depending on how far along the path you already may be.

AllAbout Careers is brilliant if you have a goal or idea or what you would like to be, but its even better for those who aren’t quite sure and breaks it down in manageable pieces. They can even provide advise on CV’s and covering letters to the specific area you’re looking in to.

Discovering what your not good at can be daunting, this is why this site is so good as it analyses the good and shows your where you could shine brightest.

So have a little look and explore it and yourself. 



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